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Sarah-Jane Smith
Also known as: Lavina Smith,Victoria Beckham
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th Century and 21st Century
Appearances: See List
Actor: Elizabeth Sladen


Brn in 1951 in Foxgrove her mum and dad were called Eddie and Barabra Smith who drove in away in there car and a few minutes later there car got crushed by a tractor and they died so Sarah went to live with her aunt Lavina Smith.When she was young she had a fear of clowns.Her best friend was Andrea Yates and one day in 1964 she died by falling off the pier.

Later LifeEdit

She met the doctor while possing as her aunt then after a battle the Sontarans she traveled with him and met Daleks,Cybermen,Zygons,Davros and many more. She even looked after The Doctor just after he Regenrated. After she left the doctor, she was given K-9 Mark III and later encountered The Tenth Doctor with some Krilltanes. She now fights aliens with K-9 Mark IV, Computer Mr Smith, Son Luke Smith, and his freinds Maria Jackson, Clyde Langer and Later Rani Chandra

Tenth Doctor

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